Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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C. P. Da Veiga, C. Kudlawicz-Franco, L. Bendlin, L. C. Duclós, A. Souza, C. O. Senff
Abstract: A fruit that originated in the Amazon, varieties of Physalis Peruviana L. are cultivated in America, Europe and Asia. It is considered an exotic fruit, belonging to the Solanaceae family, like tomatoes, potatoes, bell pepper and peppers. Thus, the objective of this article is to analyse the production costs, return and agribusiness risk in the plantation of one hectare of Physalis Peruviana L. fruit on the North Plateau of Santa Catarina State, Brazil. It is applied and descriptive research and a study case. For the analysis a cash flow was built for a ten-year horizon, with details of necessary investments to begin
production, operational costs, profitability and the risks of cultivation. For a medium/high return, the option was a MARR of 7% per year. The results suggest a return (ARRI) of 5.32% per year, a NPV of R$ 484 556 and an IRR of 96.89%, validated by the average Crystal Ball value, where all the information necessary to aid decision-making was presented. The results indicate that the investment is profitable, as there will be a return in less than a year. Therefore, this fruit is a good option for cultivation.
Keywords: agribusiness and fruits; multi-index methodology; Physalis
Date published: 2017-08-28
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