Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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New solution a skyscraper with integrated floor gardens, multi-storey panoramic elevators and aquariums filled with fluorescent algae
Yanko Aleksandrov
Abstract: The healthy way of life in skyscrapers requires the everyday availability of fresh fruits and vegetables to the inhabitants. It is even more convenient when the produce is cultivated on-site, whereas its production can be realised in close proximity to the individual residences or offices. Furthermore, these internal gardens can be easily connected to storage facilities which are available inside the skyscrapers. To implement this, multi-storey panoramic elevators, equipped with smaller internal elevators and aquariums filled with fluorescent algae can be built. These aquariums can be situated near the shafts of the panoramic elevators. Such a solution is covered by patent application № BG111889 of 17.12.2014. “Multi-storey panoramic elevator“ (Aleksandrov et al., 2014).
Keywords: cultivation; floor gardens; fruits; multi-storey; new solution; panoramic elevators; skyscraper; vegetables
Date published: 2019-07-31
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