Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Index of localization of agricultural holdings and employees in the rural areas of the South Central Region for Bulgaria
Petar Marinov
Abstract: Research and analysis of the social and economic processes in agriculture of smaller administrative units (NUTS rural areas and Rural Development Program – RDP 2014-2020), gives an accurate idea of the actual condition. The problem is relevant in terms of the functioning of farms within the countryside and the employed persons. Provide employment, produce agricultural produce, contribute to gross value added, and meet commitments in relation to the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU. The policy for rural development in Bulgaria is dictated by the accompanying facts, that is, approximately 45% of the population lives in them, encompassing 85% of the territory. The aim of the publication is to reveal the real social and economic picture of the state of the agricultural holdings and the employed persons, the specialization of the respective region (rural municipality) in the border of the South Central Region on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The application of the localization index for agricultural holdings and employed persons in the rural areas of the South Central Region (Bulgaria) reveals their real status. The study of the specialization coefficient for agricultural holdings and employed persons covers an eight-year period 2008-2016. The localization index is the basis for the analysis of different types of economic processes and phenomena, it is also applicable in smaller administrative areas, namely in the rural municipalities of the South Central Region.
Keywords: agricultural holdings; localization index; rural areas
Date published: 2019-07-31
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