Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Agrochemical efficiency of soil conditioners on the base of wood ash. Part 1. Agrochemical Pot-Tests on Sweet Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) Variety Sivria ST
M. K. Mladenov, Y. G. Pelovski
Abstract: The utilization of ashes from burning of different vegetal wastes in the agriculture, allow the structure improvement of the soils and the nutrient balance to improve, as well as the regulation to pH of the soil solution. Some examinations show that the ashes can also improve the sorption properties and the water balance of the soils. There is data in the literature for the positive agrochemical efficiency, that comes from using the different composite mixtures on the base of the vegetal wastes, after different methods of treatment. Most frequently they use the methods of composting, but in the last years physicochemical methods of treatment and production of soil conditioners are develop are also used. In the current article we present a new data from realized investigation over efficiency on soil conditioners, obtained on the base of wood ash and green lye from cellulose production, through mixing with ammonium sulphate and sulphuric acid. The pot-tests for cultivation of sweet pepper (Capsicum annum L.) variety „Sivria ST” are done with two forms of the obtained conditioners – in tablet form and in powder form. Based on the results it is proved that in the practice the agrochemical efficiency of the used soil conditioners and the optimal norms of manure are established.
Keywords: agrochemical effectiveness; pot-tests; soil conditioners; sweet pepper (Capsicum annum L.); wood ash
Date published: 2019-06-28
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