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The Production Functions of Wheat Production in Turkey
A. Bagci, A. Morgounov, K. N. Amegbeto, A. Semerci, A. Altikat, M. Kan, M. Akin, K. Peker, M. Keser, A. Mazid, S. Yaktubay, S. Karabak, M. Kucukcongar
Abstract: In this research, the efficiency of inputs’ level and monetary size of production factors were determined for wheat production in Turkey. In the study Cobb-Douglas, type production function was used and multidetermination coefficient of acquired estimating equation (R2) was estimated at 0.825. It has been proved that there is increasing return to scale (Σβi=1.089) in wheat production, based on the sum of elasticity coefficient of variables in the function. The coefficients of factors have been considered that when some factors such as land quantity, fertilizer cost and pesticide cost increase the wheat production also increase due to increasing return of scale. In the provinces where this research has been conducted, the average yield of wheat varies between 1.893-4.384 ton ha-1. For the average research provinces, it has been proved that gross production value of the wheat varies between 533.83€ - 1192.45€ ha-1 and gross profit varies between 205.43€-826.95€ ha-1. Also agricultural subsidies which were taken by the provinces, according to their yield per unit area, varies between 95.18€ - 145.00€ ha-1. It has been concluded from the research that despite of the support payments to encourage the agricultural production, the competitive power of Turkey is low in wheat and agricultural support unit price is insufficient because of the higher production cost of wheat in proportion to other countries.
Keywords: Efficiency; Input Use; Production Function; Subsidy; Turkey; Wheat
Date published: 2019-06-14
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