Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Influence of meteorological conditions on the production of nectar and pollen of Cucurbita pepo var. giromontia
Vera Petrova, Tsvetelina Nikolova, Milena Yordanova
Abstract: The influence of the climatic factors on the honey-producing potential of courgettes Cucurbita pepo var. giromontia was studied within the framework of the project "Investigation of the impact of biochar on soil fertility and agricultural crops development". By conducting field experiments, the influence of abiotic factors (temperature, air humidity and rainfall) on the development of the plants was studied. The amount of nectar and pollen and the visit of the bees to the plants were determined. Incorporation of biochar in soil has generally been shown to be beneficial for growing crops. Cucurbita pepo var. giromontia is a plant well-known in our country, but information on the influence of climatic factors on plant growth and especially on the honey production is too small. This led us to a thorough study and tracks the impact of climatic factors on the quality of honey plants.
Keywords: Cucurbita pepo; melliferous plants; nectar production; pollen production
Date published: 2019-04-23
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