Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Changes of structural characteristic of leaves in wheat varieties under the influence of experimentally contaminated water
Katya N. Velichkova
Abstract: Two varieties of wheat were grown on different soil types (chernozem carbonate and humus-carbonate). The influence of experimentally polluted water was investigated on the structural characteristics on the leaves of the two varieties. A positive impact is detected under the influence of Mg600 and Cu300 on the thickness of leaves, leaf lamina and mezophils. Variety “Yantar” with humus-carbonate soils has better characteristics of structural leafy parameters in comparison with a variety “Sadovo” in the same soil parameters, which indicates that it is more resistant to the effects of the pollutants.
Keywords: leaves; polluted water; soil; Triticum aestivum; wheat
Date published: 2019-04-15
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