Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Effect of nutritive media on Solanaceae sp. reproduction in vitro
D. Dimitrova, D. Dimanov, V. Masheva
Abstract: It has been researched the possibility for in vitro N. tabacum sp., S. tuberosum sp., S. lycopersicum sp. Cultivars at a different nutritive mediums. A positive effect of liquid nutrient media on micropropagation in vitro in three Solanaceae species, compared to solid agar medium was established. The best for micropropagation in vitro in the varieties of three species - N. tabacum, S. tuberosum and S. lycopersicum is nutritive medium B. The importance of genotypein the reproduction in vitro has been demonstrated. The unified systeme for micropropagation in vitro - based on nutritive medium B of varieties of three family Solanaceae species was created.
Keywords: cultivars; in vitro reproduction; nutritive media
Date published: 2019-03-29
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