Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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On the biaxial distribution of anisotropic elastic modulus of thin-plate polycrystalline elements and his identification in agricultural machinery with ultrasonic methods
N. Kolev, A. Levi, H. Beloev
Abstract: A new method for identification of texture in agricultural machinery with interpolation of biaxial anisotropy of elastic modulus of thin-plate polycrystalline elements has been developed. The dependence of shear modulus and modulus of longitudinal elasticity as a function of an angular distribution of Poisson’s ratio, achieved by the method of ulrasonic critical-angle refractometry (UCR), has been derived.
Keywords: anisotropy of elastic modulus; thin-plate polycrystalline elements; ulrasonic critical-angle refractometry; ultrasonic non-destructive testing
Date published: 2019-03-25
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