Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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The genotype selection of M3 generation of Kipas Putih soybean with gamma-rays irradiation on agronomic characters, early maturity and high yielding mutants
Rosmayati, Diana Sofia Hanafiah, Nilahayati, Fauziyah Harahap
Abstract: Selection is the important process in conventional plant breeding for character improvement. The objective of this study were to select individual plant in Kipas Putih M3 generation to obtaine early maturity and high yielding mutant lines. The M3 generation seeds in each dose treatment were planted with a spacing of 40 x 20 cm. All technical cultivation practices such as fertilizing, watering, weeding and pest control were carried out during the period of plant growth. Plant selection was based on morphological appearance, early maturity and high yielding plant. The research findings show that the gamma-rays irradiation treatment resulted in a population with very different mean values with the control except for number of branches of 300 Gy doses, number of pod at 200 Gy and 300 Gy, number of empty pod at 300 Gy, seed weight per plant at 200 Gy and days to harvest at 200 Gy. In general, the means values of low agronomic characters were in the population of 100 Gy doses in all of observed characters except for days to flower and days to harvest. As a result of genotype selection on M3 generation, 233 early maturity and high yielding mutants were obtained.
Keywords: early maturity; gamma-rays irradiation; mutation breeding; soybean
Date published: 2019-03-29
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