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Sunflower mutations, produced by ultrasonic treatment of immature embryos of cultivated genotype 147 R
J. Encheva, D. Valkova, P. Shindrova
Abstract: Immature sunflower zygotic embryos of sunflower fertility restorer line 147 R were treated with ultrasonic before plating to embryo culture medium. Some mutant plants were isolated and self-pollinated for several generations. New sunflower forms with inherited morphological and biochemical changes were obtained through selection and self-pollination. The genetic changes occurring during the regeneration procedure included sixteen morphological and biochemical characters. As a result of our investigation, reducing of the mean values negative were registered for the most of the indices i. e. 68.8 % of the total number of studied characters. The opposite positive changes of the follow indices leaf width, leaf length, petiole length and length of branches were observed, i.e 25 % of traits. Mutation for resistance to the local population of Orobanche Cumana Wallr. (race A-E) was obtained from the susceptible Bulgarian control line 147 R. Two investigated mutant restorer lines possessed 100 % resistance to Orobanche and stable inheritance in the next generations. Our results showed that mutagenesis in sunflower can be successfully used to develop new lines useful for heterosis breeding.
Keywords: embryo rescue; Helianthus annuus; mutant line; resistance (Orobanche cumana Wallr.); ultrasonic
Date published: 2019-02-27
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