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The evaluation of nitrogen plant nutrition by CULTAN method under conditions of Czech Republic - a review
O. Kozlovsky, O. Sedlar, K. Kubesova, Z. Peklova, L. Peklova, J. Balik
Abstract: Fertilization of a range of agricultural crops by CULTAN method has been carried out with success for several years in Germany. In the Czech Republic, nitrogenous plant nutrition by this method is still being tested, only by some basic field crops in the frame of several field experiments at stations with various soil climatic conditions. CULTAN method (Controlled Uptake Long Term Ammonium Nutrition) is based on long-term nutrition of plants by ammonium form of nitrogen. Fertilizer applied by a special injection machine (GFI 3A, Maschinen und Antriebstechnik GmbH Güstrow, Germany) creates points in the soil with a high concentration of ammonium, so called depot. The result is stabilization of the nitrogen source in the soil, therefore reduction of its loss by leaching and consequential contamination of the water sources. The acceptance of ammonium by a plant is conditioned by its immediate implementation into the organic compounds directly in the roots. Phytotoxicity of loose ammonium in the root cells leads to directed acceptance of nitrogen and its right use by the plant. Development of a bigger root system results in a higher production of aboveground matter in later phases of vegetation and, consequently, also in bigger crops of the main product. Another advantage of placing the fertilizer into depots is lesser influence of antagonism of ammonium to accept other cations by the plant. In this review, we are going to look at the principles of this method, phytohormonal system and reception of nutrients by plants fertilized through CULTAN method. Another part of the review is dedicated to the technology of fertilization through CULTAN method and to conclude, we are going to summarize up-to-date results achieved with plants fertilized by this method in various soil climatic conditions in the Czech Republic.
Keywords: ammonium injection; CULTAN depot; einter wheat; maize; oilseed rape; spring barley; yield
Date published: 2019-02-20
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