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Current status and conditions for agritourism development in the Lombardy region
Michal Roman, Bartosz Golnik
Abstract: The aim of the article was to present the development of agritourism in the Lombardy region. Primary and secondary data were used to achieve the goal. Empirical studies were conducted using the diagnostic survey method and its technique - a questionnaire survey. They were conducted in two languages (Italian and English) in November and December 2017 with 40 residents of Milan. In addition, research was conducted with selected randomly 70 service providers (from 1551 all owners) conducting their agritourism activity in the region of Lombardy. For this purpose, the CATI method was used. In addition, the information for the article was obtained from the literature on the subject and from online sources. Research made for the article proves that people are generally satisfied with presence of tourists. Residents consider them as the chance to improve local economy, create new jobs, make the region more famous. They see some threats, such as more pollution or noise, but chances of development are much bigger. One of the most important aspects of tourism in Lombardy is growth of agritourism.
Keywords: agritourism; Italy; Lombardy; rural areas; rural tourism
Date published: 2019-01-28
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