Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Headland turns using the tractors fifth wheel steering device instead of front steering wheels
Nedelcho Delchev, Krasimir Trendafilov
Abstract: Performance of nonworking moves by farming units in headland is associated with some expenditure of time, which reduces their productivity, as well as soil compaction leading to yield reduction. Both the reduction of length and duration of nonworking moves and reduction of the headland width are subject of numerous studies. Many manufacturers achieve this through various systems to reduce the radius of the turn of tractors and increase the speed of the front axle in turns. Recently a turning device has appeared in practice representing a fifth wheel located on the front mounting system of the tractor by means of which the turning is performed. This type of turning is applicable to mounted machines only. The present study describes various options of making turns with the tractor’s fifth wheel and these are compared to the front wheel turns. The length of nonworking moves, the duration of their performance and the headland width have been determined. The results show the working widths of mounted machines where the use of a fifth wheel is effective.
Keywords: fifth wheel; headland; length of nonworking moves; turning device; turning time; type of turns; width of headland
Date published: 2019-01-04
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