Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Reproductive parameters in sows after supplementation of natural micronutrients - immunomodulators
Aleksandar Božić, Željka Jurakić, Dušan Zvekić
Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of supplementing standard diet for sows at all stages of the reproductive cycle (gestation, lactation, WEI) with natural immunomodulators (Swine Guard SHT and Swine Guard Farrowing) to improve their immune status, estrus reaction after weaning, % of farrowing value and % of return value in the first post-lactation estrus, as well as in the analysis of the distribution and duration of regular and irregular return to estrus. Total of 332 sows were divided into experimental (n = 190) and control group (n = 142). The experimental group was fed with diet supplemented with Swine Guard SHT during gestation. During lactation and after weaning, until determined conception, sows were fed with Swine Guard Farrowing. Feeder control group was fed with standard rations, with no immunomodulator supplements. The result shows that the use of immunomodulators Swine Guard SHT and Swine Guard Farrowing in the diet of pregnant and lactating sows, significantly improves sows’ reproductive parameters at all stages of the reproductive cycle.
Keywords: immunomodulators; reproduction; sows
Date published: 2019-01-04
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