Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Macroelement content and chemical composition of oriental tobacco varieties grown under the same agro-ecological conditions
Penka Zaprjanova, Gergana Hristozova
Abstract: In field experiments and under the same agro-ecological conditions, the chemical composition and content of macroelements of local Bulgarian oriental tobacco varieties (Dzhebel basma 1, Elenski 817) and introduced oriental tobacco varieties (Prilep 23, Prilep 79-94) were studied. The soil on which the study was carried out was humus-carbonate (Rendzic Leptosols), with an alkaline soil reaction, medium humus content, and heavy sandy clay loam texture. Total content and mobile forms of the elements N, P, K, Ca, and Mg in the soil were determined, as well as their concentration in mature leaves from the middle section of the plant (commercially known as seco leaves). The chemical composition (total nitrogen, nicotine, and soluble carbohydrates) of the tobacco plants was analyzed. The response of the studied varieties to the agro-ecological conditions was ascertained. The results obtained can be used as criteria for raw material quality assessment and smoke flavour characterization. Grouping of the varieties by macroelement content and chemical composition was performed.
Keywords: macroelements; nicotine; oriental tobacco; soil; soluble carbohydrates
Date published: 2018-11-02
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