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Diversity of arbuscular mycorrhiza and maize yield in Cajeput agroforestry system with different fertilizer management
Vita Ratri Cahyani, Bambang Pudjiasmanto, Djoko Purnomo, Parwi
Abstract: This research was conducted with the aims: the fi rst, to study diversity of arbuscular mycorrhiza in maize rhizosphere with different fertilizer management in Cajeput (Melaleuca leucadendron LINN.) agroforestry system in Ponorogo, East Java, Indonesia; the second, to detect the correlation between diversity of arbuscular mycorrhiza with soil fertility (nutrient content of the soil) and maize yield. Fertilizer management was comprised to conventional management (CM), universal management (UM), and alternative managements (AM1, AM2, and AM3). Plot of CM used low inorganic fertilizer and chicken manure. Plot of UM and AM3 used medium inorganic fertilizer and chicken manure. Plot of AM1 used medium inorganic fertilizer and high chicken manure. Plot of AM2 used high inorganic fertilizer. Specially plot of AM2 used maize straw and AM3 used maize straw plus intensive tillage. Results of the research showed that diversity index value of arbuscular mycorrhiza in the plot of AM2 was highest and in the plot of AM1 was lowest. There were four genera of arbuscular mycorrhiza identifi ed: Glomus, Acaulospora, Gigaspora and Scutellospora. The dominant species in all fertilizer management was Glomus contrictum. Glomus minutum was found only in the plot of CM, Scutellospora colospora in the plot of UM, and Acaulospora favoeta in the plot of AM3. Infection of arbuscular mycorrhiza in roots maize ranged from 34.62% to 44.77% and spore density ranged from115 to 195 spore/100g of soil in fi ve fertilizer management. The highest infection of arbuscular mycorrhiza and spore density were in the plot of AM2, but the highest maize yield was in the plot of AM1. Diversity index value of arbuscular mycorrhiza
(species richness) has negative correlation with nutrient content of the soil and maize yield.
Keywords: arbuscular mycorrhiza; Cajeput agroforestry system; diversity; fertilizer management; maize yield
Date published: 2018-08-30
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