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Effect of sulfur-containing fertilizers on the chemical properties of soil and winter wheat yield
Galymzhan Saparov, Akerke Soltanaeva, Tursunay Vassilina, Beibut Suleimenov
Abstract: The researches were conducted at studying the effectiveness and development of practical methods of using fertilizers containing micronized sulfur (monoammonium phosphate (MAP): Р2О5 – 40%, N – 11%, S – 11%, Zn – 1%, sulfur particles size from 5 to 200 micron) under winter wheat in the conditions of South Kazakhstan. The yield of grain in the control variant (without fertilizers) was 14.3 q.ha-1. When using sulfur-containing phosphorus fertilizer (N60P(2)60K30) (МАР + S) the addition to yield is signifi cant, and amounted to 4.5 q.ha-1 or 31.5%. The maximum yield addition was obtained in the variant when
phosphorus fertilizers contained sulfur and zinc (N60P(3)60K30) – 5.5 q.ha-1 (38.4%). According to the test results, the possibility of using Kazakhstani elemental sulfur by mixing with ammophos of the domestic company “KazFosfat” for wide application in agricultural was revealed.
Keywords: sulfur; sulfur-containing fertilizers; winter wheat; yield
Date published: 2018-08-30
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