Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Growth parameters, protein and photosynthetic pigment content of Chlorella vulgaris cultivated under photoautotrophic and mixotrophic conditions
Abstract: The purpose of this study was the determination of growth parameters, chlorophyll, carotenoid and protein content of the green microalgae Chlorella vulgaris cultivated under different mixotrophic and photoautotrophic conditions. Microalgae cultivation was initiated in a laboratory bioreactor of 500ml Erlenmeyer flask containing 250 ml nutrition media BBM. The cultures were maintained at room temperature (25-27ºC) on a fluorescent light with a light: dark photoperiod of 12 h:12 h. The strains were checked for 96 hours growth period in photoautotrophic variants with carbon dioxide (2%, v/v), mixotrophic – CO2 + 3g.l-1 glucose, mixotrophic – CO2 + 3g.l-1 lactose. In the present study we found that C. vulgaris showed better growth in mixotrophic conditions with CO2 and glucose. Higher content of chlorophylls, carotenoid and protein was obtained in the photoautotrophic culture.
Keywords: biomass; Chlorella vulgaris; mixotrophic; photoautotrophic; pigment; protein
Date published: 2018-04-27
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