Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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The Effect of Farm size on Profitability of Laying Poultry Farms in Kosovo.
Dr. Arben Musliu, Mustafe Pllana, Arben Musliu, Prespa Ymeri, Fisnik Shaqiri, Fitore Sahiti
Abstract: After the war of 1998-1999, the Kosovo layer farms went through structural changes. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of farm size on the economic efficiency of Kosovo laying hen farms. Research data are collected through surveys from 36 laying hen farms. Farms were divided into three groups, according to their size, and analysed accordingly. To determine the significance levels of the dependent variables one-way ANOVA, is used. The results of the research showed that higher-capacity farms had a higher egg yield and a better feed efficiency. Results also showed that as farm capacity increased, production cost per egg decreased and the profit margin per egg increased. It was also found that the profit margin were negative for group I and positive for groups II and III. Furthermore, farm size was positively related to economic and technical criteria, and small laying farms were negatively related to high sale prices of eggs.
Keywords: and performance; economic size; laying hen farms
Date published: 2017-07-07
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