Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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A. Tesic, B. Mihailovic, N. Mrvic-Petrovic, D. Cvijanovic
Abstract: Serbia’s approach to the EU has imposed new rules in society and business. Such changes have been excellent precondition for consulting sector’s development. Enterprises try to improve competitiveness through adoption of new products, technologies and services. A need for introduction of some business processes initiates more consulting engagement. Starting from the previously stated, we had taken a side of studying in the paper a contribution of consulting organizations to improvement of enterprises’ performances in agro-complex of Serbia. Additional reason for this orientation is a fact that the previous scarce researches of the consulting and its influence to business of enterprises in Serbia are the most often incomplete and partial. Among other things, a subject for this paper has imposed the newest circumstances in Serbia, in its economy, especially in agriculture. That is to say, the Serbian economy found considerably surprised, almost completely reluctant for what was waiting inevitably in the transition period it has started to pass through. Many circumstances have significantly affected its collapse, on which will not be considered in this paper, and just started, more indicative - consulting market, insufficiently developed, had not been able to accept increasing burden, so wanderings in searching for an origin for stabilization and development in new terms have been even greater. Consequentially, this paper has pretensions to point out to many issues concerning this problem, to begin their resolution, to inform those interested on role and significance of the consulting, methods of its use – everything that might contribute to some interest and promotion of Serbian agro-complex, including also solutions suggesting, derived from exact researches by logical deduction through scientific methods appliance.
Keywords: agro-complex; consulting; inovations; management; performances
Date published: 2017-10-25
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