Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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J. Wawrzynowicz, K. Wajszczuk
Abstract: The article analyses the market of computer software offered to farms to support production and management decisions. It is the first Polish attempt to make a complex quantitative and functional analysis of the supply of such software. It comprises the offer of 25 major companies and scientific institutions manufacturing and offering software for agriculture. Eighty applications of different types and usage were subjected to analysis. The investigations proved that nearly 73% of the applications were used to support decision making in plant production, 21% in animal production and only 6% were the applications used for management of the whole farm. The results of the analysis revealed that the most applications, i.e. 30.6% were used in precision agriculture, nearly 22.5% in herd management and slightly more than 13% in plant production. As far as the aspect of the functional mobility of the software is concerned, the results of the analysis showed that 13.7% of the applications had a mobile character, whereas in 86.3% of the cases it is the software for desktop computers. Besides, some applications are compatible with on-board computers installed in machines and appliances and with the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). As results from the analysis, more than 81.3% of the applications under consideration are offered by private businesses and 18.7% are offered by scientific institutions. As far as the licence cost is concerned, the companies provided licence fees on websites for 40% of the applications. Furthermore, in consequence of the analysis the most important functionalities of individual applications were presented with division into the areas of use in farms. The market of computer applications for agriculture is developing dynamically in Poland, mainly due to the development of the significance of precision agriculture and decisionmaking support systems.
Keywords: decision-making support system; farm; market analysis; software
Date published: 2019-04-18
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