Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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M. Šperanda, B. Markovic, D. Radonjic, M. Đidara, M. Markovic, J. Novoselec, Z. Antunovic, Z. Klir, B. Mioc
Abstract: the aim of the present research was to determine metabolic profile and oxidative status of critically endangered Dubrovnik sheep and Zeta Zuja breeds of sheep and compare them to physiological values, which could help in understanding quality of feeding. The study was conducted on 40 sheep (20 Dubrovnik sheep in Croatia and 20 Zeta Zuja in Montenegro). Sheep were an average age of three years, in the last third of pregnancy. Feeding of sheep was based on local grazing pasture, with addition of 150 g of corn/day in feeding Dubrovnik sheep. In blood of both breeds following indicators were determined: leukocyte number – WBC, erythrocytes – RBC, platelet – PLT, content of hematocrit, hemoglobin, mean corpuscular volume – MCV, mean corpuscular hemoglobin – MCH and mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration – MCHC, Ca, P – inorganic, Na, K, Mg and Fe; urea, glucose, total protein, albumin, cholesterol; HdL-cholesterol, LdL-cholesterol, triglycerides, NEFA, BHB; and activity of enzymes: ALT, AST, CK, GGT, GSH-Px and SOD. Analyzing hemato – chemical indicators, pH and mineral content in both breeds there were no major deviations from the sheep’s reference values, except higher concentrations of total protein, CK activity, slightly lower pH in the blood of Zeta Zuja, as well as a higher concentration of albumin, triglyceride,
MCV content, lower Ca, Fe, GSH-Px and SOD activity. Significantly higher concentrations of K, Na, Fe, glucose, NEFA and content of RBC, hemoglobin and hematocrit and pH value were determined in blood of Dubrovnik sheep. In blood of Zeta Zuja significantly higher concentrations of urea, total protein, BHB, platelet content, activity of AST and CK, and lower GSH-Px were determined. In this research specific effect of breed was determined. If sheep are in the food deficit their rations must be supplemented with certain amount of concentrate feed and feed rich in selenium, especially in advanced stage of pregnancy.
Keywords: blood metabolic profle; endangered sheep; Mediterranean Region; oxidative status; pregnancy
Date published: 2017-09-14
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