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Climate change impact on small and medium enterprises in Senegals semi-arid zones: a review
Alieu Gibbaorcid, Baba Libasse Soworcid, Kora Hamzathorcid, Pauline Attemeneorcid
Abstract: The issues of climate change in Senegal have the potential of undermining sustainable development efforts if positive steps are not taken to respond to its adverse consequences. This study documents existing and available literature on impacts of climate change on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in semi-arid zones of Senegal. It is evident that there are significant negative impacts of climate on SMEs in Senegal. Loss of goods, low productivity and sales as well as loss of income are mainly observed by the small and medium enterprises due to the impacts of increased temperature, soil erosion and salinization, decrease of rainfall, frequency of extreme events on both supply and production processes. Despite this fact, there are limited adaptation and mitigation strategies to climate change at company or enterprise level in order to deal effectively with the changing climate. Ensuring Senegal’s enterprises to develop more effective climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, there is the need for the Senegalese government to support enterprises by providing the necessary resources such as credit, information, training for managers and employees on climate change adaptation strategies and technologies, and investing in climate resilient projects which will reduce significantly the adverse effects of climate change on business operations.
Keywords: adaptation and mitigation; climate change; Senegal; small and medium enterprises
Citation: Gibba, A., Sow, B. L., Hamzath, K. & Attemene, P. (2024). Climate change impact on small and medium enterprises in Senegal’s semi-arid zones: a review. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 30(3), 552-557
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Date published: 2024-06-25
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