Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Does social media marketing increase the sales of organic food
Ahmad Durbulorcid, Peter Osiakoorcid, Firas Alarawiorcid, Ayman Alshaabaniorcid
Abstract: Overcoming the involved constraints, such as high prices, a lack of awareness, and a limited number of sales points, is one way to increase consumers' willingness to buy organic food. Social networks, with their massive number of active users, can be used to introduce, promote, and sell organic food. Not much research was found on social media nor its role in marketing organic food. Scant research has been conducted to understand the role of social media in increasing organic food sales. To bridge this academic gap, this paper explores the related literature to find whether marketing on social media can increase the sales of organic food. The findings refer to a common emphasis on the substantial role of social media in supporting buyer-seller relationships, advertisements, electronic word-of-mouth, and all phases of the organic food sales process, which in turn have an influence on escalating the sales volume of organic food.
Keywords: marketing; organic food; sales; social networks
Citation: Durbul, A., Osiako, P., Alarawi, F. & Alshaabani, A. (2024). Does social media marketing increase the sales of organic food? Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 30(3), 389–395
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Date published: 2024-06-25
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