Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Restructuring of Bulgarian agriculture, economic condition and incomes of farms
Nina Koteva
Abstract: The research purpose is to carry out an analysis of the ongoing organizational-economic restructuring in agriculture and to outline its impact on the economic condition and income of agricultural holdings during the two program periods of the EU membership of our country. The used methods in the research are: systematic and comparative analysis, expert assessment, graphic method, statistical groupings method, descriptive analysis, etc. The results from the achieved analyses have shown show some general conclusions: the average economic indicators of agricultural holdings – gross output, gross income, productivity and net income have positive trends towards an increase in the period 2007-2020; The same tendency is outlined in the average amount of subsidies per farm; The expansion of agricultural holdings and the growing amount of subsidies received can be pointed out as main reasons for their increase; Fluctuations in the average net income per farm show that production is dependent on a number of factors – internal (weak risk management, inefficient production, low level of diversification, etc.) and external factors (dependence on climate changes, market and institutional environment); The subsidies support farmers’ incomes, but do not lead to an increase in production efficiency: There is a trend to decrease of the rate of profitability.
Keywords: agricultural holdings; farm incomes; gross output; organizational-economic restructuring; profitability rate
Citation: Koteva, N. (2023). Restructuring of Bulgarian agriculture, economic condition and incomes of farms. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 29 (Supplement 1), 84–96.
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Date published: 2023-12-18
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