Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Comparative biometric characteristics of the organs in the female part of the flower in seedless varieties of vines (Vitis vinifera L.)
Venelin Roychev, Neli Keranova
Abstract: A comparative biometric characterization of the organs in the female part of the flower was performed in a large group of seedless varieties of vines. It has been established that, depending on the degree of their biometric similarity at the base of the inflorescence, the studied seedless varieties of vines form six generalized clusters, three in the middle and five in the upper parts – at the top, the majority of which consist of sub-clusters, gathered at the respective Euclidean distance. The use of the two mathematical-statistical methods – hierarchical cluster analysis and single-factor analysis of variance allows the obtaining of statistically reliable information about the importance of the individual components of the vine flower in the grouping of the seedless varieties of vines. The established differences in the parameters of the organs from the female part of the flower confirm the non-simultaneous morphological and cytoembryological development of the flower buttons depending on the variety, as well as the enormous polymorphism in this group of varieties.
Keywords: cluster analysis; comparative biometric characterization; dispersion analysis; flower organs; seedless varieties of vines
Date published: 2023-10-20
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