Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Productivity of sweet sorghum in conditions of ecological production
Stanimir Enchev
Abstract: The research has been conducted during 2019-2020, on the experimental field of the AI-Shumen, with the Sweet sorghum variety Shumensko Sladko and Endje. The method of long plots was used, with 4 repetitions, 14 m2 area of the experimental plot, with sowing rate of 25 plants per sq. meter and variants of organic fertilization with Free N 100, Raim Zolfo, Heliosulfure, as well as with the biodynamic preparations 500 and Fladen. The soil is carbonate chernozem, the crop rotation is wheat-beetssorghum,
without any application of pesticides and mineral fertilizers. The results for the green mass productivity from two swaths in brooming stage, a swath in wax stage and the yield of juice from the stems, confirm the potential of the treatment with organic preparations to decrease the negative effect of the extreme deviations from the agro-climatic norms. The use of sweet sorghum as a forage and as a raw material for production of sweet syrups is an alternative for the increase of the ecological production part.
Keywords: biodynamic; green mass; organic; sweet sorghum; syrup; wax stage
Date published: 2023-10-20
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