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Effect of adding protected methionine to the ration on hematological indices and biochemical blood parameters in Awassi lambs
Abdulnassir Th. Alkhashab, Hanan Waleed Kassim, Thaer M. Abdelalbaki
Abstract: This experiment was undertaken to study the effect of protected Methionine supplementation on hematological and biochemical parameters in growing Awassi lambs. For that, ten male Awassi lambs 8 months old, with 34 ± 0.5 kg initial bwt, were randomly assigned to two groups of equal size, the first one represented as a control group(c) and the second was the treatment group(T). Lambs of control group were fed basal ration consisting of a concentrated diet consisting of barely seeds, wheat brand, soyabean meal, salt, urea, limestone and wheat straw as a roughage diet. The treatment group lambs were fed a basal control ration containing 5 g/ head/day (RPM) rumen protected methionine. Blood samples were collected once monthly and the experiment lasted 3 months. Results about blood parameters showed a significant (P ≤ 0.05) decrease in WBC and a
significant (P ≤ 0.05) increase in blood glucose, cholesterol levels in methionine treated group than control group, but there are no significant effect of treatment with protected methionine on other hematological values and biochemical parameters. It concluded that supplementing the ration with protected Methionine led to non-significant effect on hematological and biochemical values except WBC, glucose and cholesterol in growing Awassi lambs.
Keywords: Awassi lambs; hematological and biochemical parameters; protected methionine
Date published: 2023-08-21
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