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Evaluation of the genetic diversity in broad bean (Vicia faba L.) accessions
Valentin Kosev, Natalia Georgieva
Abstract: In order to evaluate the level of genetic diversity in a collection of broad bean accessions for the needs of the combinative breeding, a field experiment was carried out during the period 2016-2018, at the Institute of forage crops (Pleven). The studied 17 accessions had different origin: Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria. It was used a randomized block method. Plants were grown under conditions of organic farming, without using fertilizers and pesticides. The results showed considerable differences between the accessions regarding the main quantitative traits. The impact of environmental conditions was well expressed and exceeded the impact of the factor of genotype. The level of genetic variance was lower for the traits of seed weight (6.84%), pods number
(9.49%) and 1st pod height (9.77%). The coefficient of genetic variance was higher than the coefficient of phenotypic variance for pod length. In terms of the traits of pod length (84.32%, 1.33), 100 seeds mass (69.08%, 7.87) and 1st pod height (52.76%, 1.26) was found high heritability, coupled with medium to high genetic advance, which is a prerequisite for increasing the productive potential of the broad bean in these traits. Positive correlations were established between seed productivity and all quantitative traits, especially 100 seeds mass (r = 0.574), pod length (r = 0.568) and plant height (r = 0.411). From the breeding point of view, accessions BGE 041470 and Fb 2486, which were distinguished by high values of pods number, seeds number and 100 seeds mass, were of interest. Also, attention deserves to be paid to FbH 14, which formed a large number of pods and seeds per plant, as well as FbH 16, which was characterized by a good balance between the traits of seeds number, seed weight,
and 100 seeds mass. These accessions are definitely of interest for hybridization programs and can be recommended as parent components in selection for increased productivity.
Keywords: accessions; breeding; broad bean; genetic diversity; heritability
Date published: 2023-08-21
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