Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Vegetation data processes, registered by remote sensing with a small aerial vehicle
Asparuh Atanasov, Aleksandrina Bankovaorcid, Ginka Zhecheva
Abstract: The present study aims to compare the processing methods of the data obtained by a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used to assess the vegetation processes and the forecast yields. UAVs are equipped with a 20 MP camera with a RGB spectrum and a 12 MP camera with a NIR spectrum additionally mounted on it. The shootings were carried out throughout the growing season of the crops in the economic year of 2020-21. Data was processed by several different methods and a comparison of the NDVI index obtained from the satellite data and from a UAV was accomplished. The obtained results show that, regardless different absolute values, the trends in the change remain similar.
Keywords: NDVI; precision farming; UAV; vegetation indices; yield estimation
Date published: 2023-06-28
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