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Levelling machines and its effect on the growth characteristics and productivity for two corn cultivars
Shathar A. Alaamer, Salih K. Alwan Alsharif
Abstract: A field experiment was carried out in Abu Ghraq, 10 km north of the centre of Hila governorate, two agricultural seasons of Spring and Fall, of 2020, in silt loam soil, under the impact of levelling machines (laser, tablet), on two cultivars corn (Cadiz and Figr. 1). Experiments were conducted in a factorial experiment under complete randomized design with three replications. The results showed that the laser levelling machine was significantly better than tablet levelling machine, in all studied conditions, in terms of the germination ratio, germination speed, plant vigor index, grains extraction, root dry weight, biological yield, grain yield, and harvest index. For laser levelling machine were recorded 90.63%, 74.67%, 60.45 cm, 77.81%, 0.76 g, 6.41 t/ha, 8.59 t/h, and 74.77%, respectively, under the same operating conditions for tablet levelling machine. The spring season was significantly superior than fall in all studied parameters. While the Cadiz cultivar was significantly better than the Figr.1 cultivar, in all studied conditions. All the interactions were significant and the best results was achieved, for laser levelling machine, in spring season and Cadiz cultivar, in all studied conditions.
Keywords: corn; corn cultivars; levelling machines; planting seasons; tractor
Date published: 2023-06-28
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