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Peculiarities of Capitalization of Land Resources of Ukraine: Research Methodology
Anatolii Sunduk, Yuliia Shpylova, Yuliia Zhukova, Roman Tretiak, Halyna Shtogryn, Nataliia Tretiak
Abstract: The issues of capitalization of Ukrainian land are studied in this work. The evaluation of technique approaches has been done to investigate the capitalization level. The parameters of land resources capitalization have been calculated according to the index system. The special features of parameters have been investigated. As the analysis shows, the land capitalization isn’t satisfactory. According to the coefficient of capital formation, which shows the system of prerequisites of this process, the state level in 2020 was 0.1604. Taking this into account, the possibilities of capitalization processes in the field of land use of the state and regions are not satisfactory. This is also confirmed by the calculation of the potential capitalization index, which
for the state was 14.6% at a threshold value of 15%. The values of the real capitalization are even lower. For the potential capitalization on the regional level, there are some definite variations, but they are balanced. Maximal indexes are in and around the Ukrainian capital, as well as they are available in the regions of high economical level. Single regions’ (10 regions) indexes
exceed the state level. These regions are leading as for their indexes of land capitalization. Minimal values are fixed in the north and west regions. The difference between maximal and minimal indexes of regions is varied up to ten times. When we take a look at the regions with low indexes, the problem lies in the fact that the values of costs and profitableness (rent) of land
correlate mutually very little. The system of improving the capitalization level has been formed. Building up the institutional environment, which would be able to provide the gradual economization of soil and its opportunity for capitalization, is very important.
Keywords: capitalization; economic development; economic parameters; land resources; methodology; regions
Date published: 2023-06-28
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