Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Improvement of the technological scheme of the implement for strip overseeding of grass seeds and selection of a combined tillage tool for leveling the soil in the strip and seeding
Yuri Polichshuk, Alexei Derepaskin, Yuri Binyukov, Nickolai Laptev and Artem Komarov
Abstract: Practice shows that strip overseeding increases the yield of grasses by 1.5-1.9 times. However, the existing combined implements do not provide the required quality of tillage or sowing. The aim of the work was to improve the quality of soil preparation in the strip for seeding and sowing grass seeds in the northern region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The strip overseeding implement (OPP-2) steadily performs the technological process, however, on soils with a hardness of more than 5 MPa, agricultural requirements for the width of the loosened strip and the uniformity of the incorporated grass seeds in depth are not fulfilled. This is due to the shortcomings in the technological scheme and design of the rolling-seeding tillage tool. To achieve this aim, the technological scheme of the implement was improved and three variants of the combined tillage tool were developed. The obtained experimental data showed that the implement with an improved technological scheme performs a technological process with the quality corresponding to agricultural requirements.
Keywords: combined tillage tool; grass overseeding; laboratory setup; nature meadows; pastures; perennial grasses; sowing quality; technological scheme; tilling depth; traction resistance
Date published: 2023-02-24
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