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Influence of altitude, lactation period and ripening on Sharri cheese composition
Xhavit Ramadani, Alltane Kryeziu and Muhamet Kamberi
Abstract: Sharri cheese is the indigenous most represented and affirmed cheese in Kosovo. Autochtony production of this cheese is characterized by ripening in the brine solution, which ensures the anaerobic condition of ripening and contributes to creating sensory characteristics. The objective of this work was the evaluation the influence of altitude, the month of the lactation period, and the ripening period on changes in the basic composition of Sharri cheese produced in the Sharri region. Sharri cheese is produced in farm batches in two different areas of the Sharri region (Brod, altitude 1600 m., – Variant A and Prevallë, altitude 1200 m. – Variant B). Five cheese producers have been selected in each area. Sharri cheese is produced once per month,during June, July, August, and September. Produced cheese in this research has been ripened in a brine solution in the period of 5 months (150 days). During this time, movement of each parameter (TS-Total solids), Fat, Proteins (P), Lactose (L), Ash, Titratable acidity (TA), and Active acidity – AA (pH), is analyzed on the day 1, 7, 15, 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 of ripening. Cheese produced in two different altitudes generally showed good quality composition. Based on these results, altitude has had a significant influence (P < 0.0001) on TS, Fat, P, and TA, whereas a non-significant influence on NaCl, Ash, and AA. Period of lactation showed significant differences on TS, Fat, P Ash, and TA, whereas non-significant differences on NaCl and AA. During the 150-day ripening period, all values of cheese ingredients have increased significantly (P < 0.0001). Thus, it can be concluded that the ripening period has significantly affected the change of all ingredients of produced Sharri cheese.
Keywords: Sharri cheese, Altitude, lactation period, ripening
Date published: 2022-12-09
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