Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Basic physico-chemical parameters of the fruits of some late sweet cherry cultivars, with sustainable cultivation technology
Boryana Stefanova and Petko Minkov
Abstract: The study was conducted in the period 2018-2020 in RIMSA Troyan. The experiment included 12 trees of the sweet cherry cultivars Regina, Kordia, Octavia, Sylvia, Lapins and Suite Hard. The aim is to determine and compare the physicochemical properties of fruits in order to assess their nutritional value. Octavia fruits (7 to 9 g; 22.50/18.13 mm) have been found to have the largest mass and largest, with Regina and Cordia having the smallest mass, but they have the highest content of total sugars. The high level of total polyphenols in cherries suggests that they may be sources of bioactive compounds that are important for human health. We have reason to recommend all analyzed sweet cherry cultivars as those with high nutritional qualities.
Keywords: sweet cherry, cultivars, fruit quality, correlation coefficients
Date published: 2022-12-09
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