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Chemical composition of sugar beet, fodder beet and table beet depending on the harvest period
Stanimir Enchev and Tatyana Bozhanska
Abstract: The chemical composition of standard Bulgarian cultivars of sugar, fodder and table beet from the gene pool of the Agricultural Institute in Shumen was studied at two harvest periods. On the first harvest date (9th August), Preslav (fodder beet) cultivar had the highest content of dry matter (951.70 g/kg) and crude fiber (113.70 g/kg). The highest level of crude fats (18.60 g/kg) and Ca (16.90 g/kg) were registered in dry matter of Tetra gold (fodder beet) Radost cultivar (table beet) registered the highest concentration of crude protein (220.50 g/kg), N (33.30 g/kg) and P (2.51 g/kg). At the second harvest date (23 October), the highest content of crude protein (231.00 g/kg), crude fat (6.50 g/kg), minerals (136.80 g/kg), Ca (10.10 g/kg) and N (33.50 g/kg) were registered for Joy 3 (table beet) cultivar. Diex sugar beet cultivar registered a maximum amount of dry matter (951.80 g/kg) nitrogen-free extractable substances (780.00 g/kg) and phosphorus (2.90 g/kg). At a later harvest date, the crude fiber content was again the highest (81.50 g/kg) in dry matter composition of Preslav cultivar.
Keywords: chemical composition; fooder beet; sugar beet; table beet
Date published: 2022-12-09
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