Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Micro and small farms element from the model for revitalizing of rural areas
Mihaela Mihailova, Daniela Tsvyatkova, Monika Kabadzhova, Silviya Atanasova and Encho Ivanov
Abstract: The structural defining elements of the socio-economic model for the sustainability of rural development are closely related to the revitalization of the activities, processes and results of the functioning of economic units/actors in rural areas. We have used a double matrix socio-economic model that has the aim to determine what role do the micro and small farms have in socio-economic environment in Bulgaria, as well as how implementation of EU politics and national legislation affect them. Bulgarian agriculture has experienced major structural changes as a result of the restoration of ownership of agricultural land and in recent years, CAP policy the green deal, combined with COVID19 and the war in Ukraine has influenced heavily the processes happening to small and micro farms in Bulgaria and their role/place in agriculture.
Keywords: small farms, gardens, rural revitalization, short supply chains
Date published: 2022-12-09
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