Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Method and technical means for picking oil-bearing roses
Snezhan Bozhkov
Abstract: Harvesting flowers from oil-bearing rose plantations has been done by hand for centuries. A method for mechanized picking of oil bearing roses, based on a scheme for detachment of the flowers from the bush as a result of pneumatic suction with mechanical cutting of the peduncle under the ovary, is defined in the article. The design parameters of the technical means for application of the method are specified. As a result of a theoretical and experimental study, values were obtained for the air flow rate (80 – 100 m3 /h) and for the pressure below the atmospheric pressure, providing suction force (115 – 185 Pa), which allow mechanized execution of the technological operation “picking”, regardless of how the vacuum is created in the technical means.
Keywords: method; oil-bearing rose; picking; technical means, air flow, parameters, test.
Date published: 2022-11-04
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