Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Study of two different protocols for estrus synchronization in Aberdeen Angus cows in Bulgaria
Radka Malinova and Svetoslav Karamfilov
Abstract: Two protocols for synchronization of oestrus and ovulation of cows (n-22) were compared. The Cows which were synchronized were aged between 3 and 5 years, of the Aberdeen Angus breed, bred in Bulgaria. The first protocol was based on a standard protocol for synchronization with PRID delta progesterone device with delayed time of eCG treatment. The second group of 12 cows was under modified OvSynch protocol with extra eCG administered on day 8. We found that the total pregnancy rate for the first protocol was 80% and for the second protocol – 58,3%. The total pregnancy rate was 69.2%. In the first group calving rate was lower – 50%, than the pregnancy rate – 80%. The pregnancy losses observed were 37%. In the second group there were no pregnancy losses – the pregnancy rate and the calving rate in the group were equal – 58.3%.
Keywords: cow; Ovsynch; PRID-Synch protocol; synchronization of estrus
Date published: 2022-11-02
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