Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Parasitism potential of biological control agents of fruit fly under natural enemy field reservoirs (NEFR) technology
Fazlullah, Muzammil Farooq and Naeem Zada
Abstract: The tephritid fruit flies are the major pest of horticultural crops, causing severe economic losses globally. The present study was focused on natural enemies’ field reservoir (NEFR) technique for providing a safe habitat to the already existing natural enemies of the target pest by manipulating the existing environment on the farmer field. The current study investigated different techniques to maximize the NEFR activity. The infested guava fruits were collected and placed in NEFR trays to record the percent parasitism at Sharaqpur district Punjab Pakistan. Three biological agent species i.e., Diachasmimorpha longicaudata, Trybliographa daci and Dirhinus giffardii were recorded with maximum parasitism in September and minimum in November. The current study provides baseline to support the use of NEFR technology to conserve the natural enemies for fruit flies management in other regions of Pakistan.
Keywords: Biological control; fruit fly; NEFR technology; parasitism
Date published: 2022-10-21
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