Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Inventory of the conserved plant gene fund with a view to utilization of its biological potential in favor of the healthy nutrition
Nikolaya Velcheva, Tsvetelina Stoilova, Katya Uzundzhalieva, Petar Chavdarov, Elisaveta Vasileva and Sofia Petrova
Abstract: The food security of the population depends to a large extent on the diversity of species providing clean and healthy food, as well as the ability to respond adequately to the climate changes. Valuable plant accessions with local origin are stored in the National Genebank, which are an inexhaustible source of useful traits for crop breeding and practice. Ex situ conservation also serves as a reserve of some of varieties which are threatened with extinction in nature due to the process of urbanization and intensive agricultural production. The purpose of the study is to determine the status of the stored collections of grain legumes, cucurbits and medical crops based on information in the electronic register of plant genetic resources. The locations of origin in the country have been marked and areas with concentration of local plant genetic resources have been identified. Routes for conducting expeditions to enrich the collections with a new plant germplasm for its sustainable conservation and use have been planed. As a result a total number of 85 local accessions were acquired in collections. The inventory was carried out in connection with activities of the National Research Programme “Healthy Foods for a Strong Bio-Economy and Quality of Life” (WP 1.3 Providing of a plant resource base for priority food systems of the country)
Keywords: plant genetic resources, local origin, ex situ collections, genebank, passport descriptors
Date published: 2022-10-12
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