Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Degree of the impact of fertilizing and drying process on the colour indicators of plum cultivar Elena
Denitsa Hristova, Petya Ivanova, Diyan Georgiev and Maria Georgieva
Abstract: The impact of the applied fertilizers and the drying process on the quality characteristics of the plums was determined. It was found that the applied agrotechnics had an impact on certain characteristics of fresh fruits from the studied variants. The measured colour coordinates of fresh plums showed that the method of cultivation (P < 0.05) had an impact on the brightness of the variants. The colour saturation had significantly been affected by the fruits with applied chicken manure, while the fruits of the other variants had values close to the control. It was found that the drying, using a heat pump dryer with temperature of t = 43 ± 2°C and φ = 10%, did not significantly affect the quantitative values of fruit colour, brightness, red colour tone, colour tone and saturation (P > 0.05).
Keywords: colour parameters; cultivars; fertilizing; heat pump drying; plums
Date published: 2022-10-11
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