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Genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance for important quantitative traits related to the productivity and quality in F2 generation of durum wheat: Part II
Rangel Dragov, Zlatina Uhr and Evgeni Dimitrov
Abstract: The aim of this study was to estimate genetic variability, heritability and genetic advance or quantitative traits related to productivity and quality in F2 segregating generation of durum wheat. On the other hand these parameters will be calculated for every single hybrid combination. The experiments were performed in a randomized block design in three replications under field conditions using the adopted cultivation technology. Modern statistical evaluation methods were applied to the results. The analysis of variance revealed highly significant differences among the genotypes for all traits measured. Phenotypic coefficients of variation were generally higher than genotypic coefficients of variation for all traits studied, indicating the influence of the environment. Plant height, main spike length, grains weight per main spike and thousand kernel weight expressed high heritability coupled with high genetic advance indicating that most likely the heritability is due to additive gene effects. The trait grains number per main spike coupled high heritability and moderate genetic advance and was also controlled by additive genetic effects. An effective selection of genotype by phenotype can be conducted to them. Regarding the traits plant height, main spike length and grains number per main spike GxE was no significant. Generally in this research, genetic parameters for the traits were reasonable as expected, because this experiment was conducted for three consecutive years and also evaluation of genotypes was based on genetics variance. High heritability coupled with high or moderate GA% and low GxE interactions indicate that these yield components of durum wheat can be improved by pure line selection. In certain hybrid combination such as: Superdur X Progres (SxP), Progres X Predel (PxPr), Deni X Predel (DxPr), Victoria X Superdur (VxS) and Victoria X Deni (VxD) it is possible with a selection in them to improve pure lines on several traits at the same time, as they coupled high heritability and high genetic advance. This information is very useful for breeders and their programs and would be valuable for improving the genetic diversity of durum wheat and creating new, more productive lines/varieties.
Keywords: durum wheat; F2; genetic advance; heritability; quantitative traits
Date published: 2022-08-19
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