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The good governance impact on the agricultural products exports of the EU
Oksana Kiforenko
Abstract: Good governance and the quality of public administration are key aspects in ensuring a country’s long-term competitiveness and well-being. Good governance affects the agricultural sector functioning in many ways. CAP reforms and the EU trade policy helped turn the EU from net importer to the world’s top exporter of agri-food products. The purpose of the article is to check the hypothesis of good governance impact on the agricultural products exports amounts of the EU. The extra-EU agro exports amounts for 19 years, that is from the year 2002 to 2020 included, were analyzed in the paper. The general dynamics of the said exports, the differences of the exports from the previous periods and the percentage of the agricultural products exports from the extra-EU total agricultural products trade were analyzed using the tools of the univariate and empirical analysis as well as visualization ones. The projection of the exports amounts mentioned above for two period was made using the polynomial function having chosen from the exponential, linear, logarithmic, polynomial and power ones. The choice was made judging by the R² coefficient values. Resulting from the research, it was stated, that good governance has a positive impact on the extra-EU agricultural products exports. But, still, good governance can’t be considered the only factor influencing the said exports amount having its place near the EU enlargement events, the impact of the CAP reforms as well as the impact of the global economic and social challenges. The research presented in the article can be used by public administration bodies, politicians and decision makers of both EU and the rest of the world, big and small companies involved in the agricultural products trade, the EU international trade bodies as well as beginners and experienced specialists in data analysis
Keywords: agricultural products exports; extra-EU agricultural products trade; good governance; public administration
Date published: 2022-08-19
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