Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Influence of agricultural cultivation methods on the physicochemical and colour parameters of Florina apples during storage in conventional refrigerated rooms
G. Dobrevska, P. Ivanova and Manol Dallev
Abstract: The scientific experiment was conducted at the Department of Food Technology at IFPQ-Plovdiv with the aim of assessing the impact of three-month refrigerated (1-4°C) storage on the physicochemical and colour properties of biologically and conventionally cultivated Florina apples The assessment is made on the basis of dry substance content, %; antioxidant activity measured in μmolTE/100 g; total polyphenols content in mg GAE/100g and colour properties – brightness and intensity of the red/green and yellow hues – as measured by the CieLab system
Keywords: apples, colour parameters, storage
Date published: 2022-06-24
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