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Disclosure of stress drivers traits related to reliability in normal, drought and heat prone settings in bread wheat advanced lines.
Muhammad Zulkiffal, Javed Ahmed, Muhammad Owais, Nadeem Ahmed, Aneela Ahsan, Aziz ur Rehman, Javed Anwar, Yasir Ramzan, Muhammad
Abstract: A panel of forty eight future advanced lines with three productive checks was planted in three divergent trials under normal, drought and heat prone settings. The multivariate technique and stability analysis was subjected on drought and heat adaptive/ yield drivers traits. The late phenological traits such as canopy temperature and normalized difference vegetation index at anthesis (CTA and NIA) displayed higher interface proportion with lines as compared to early traits like canopy temperature at booting and normalized difference vegetation index at booting (CTB and NIB). The changes in CTA and NIA effectively represented changes in comparative water gratified (RWG) and yield (YLD) under heat and drought settings, respectively. Dumpy YLD with high RWG and CTA readings, high yield but occurrence of reduced canopy temperature and RWG value demonstrating lines had cooler canopy and water retention were more mutual in normal, drought and then heat settings, correspondingly. The cluster two and four delimited lines with high yield but exposed lesser CTB and CTA values and vice versa for RWG, NIB and NIA. Nine lines were common in all three settings. NIA, RWG and NIB had positive correlation with YLD in heat, drought and normal setting, respectively while CTB and CTA were somewhat negatively linked with yield in entire three settings. In heat CTA and CTB, in drought, RWG and YLD and in normal CTB and YLD was highest discerning while NIB in heat and drought and CTA in normal setting were least discriminating. Nine lines in normal, and eight lines each drought and heat three settings established conquests due to stable climax placed on joined equality lines dispersal on polygon.
Keywords: bread wheat; Disclosure; drought; heat; reliability; stress drivers traits
Date published: 2022-06-16
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