Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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Business model for cooperation between agricultural holdings and scientific institutes methodological aspects
Nina Koteva, Mihaela Mihailova and Plamena Yovchevska
Abstract: In modern conditions a new type of business plan is necessary to accommodate all of the factors and a defined aim is the first part of understanding the agricultural holdings needs. Based on a critical review of the concept of business models in the method of the aspect developed a model for cooperation between science and business, which includes units in the chain of research institutes – companies offering names – manufacturers – consumers, the main focus is on production, where the effects of agricultural holdings. The following methods are used in the development and implementation of the model: analysis of causal relationships, descriptive analysis, comparative analysis, constructive calculation method, expert evaluation, survey method, in-depth study, partial replacement budget, profit matrix and others. This business model combines 10 components in its framework and has the aim to foster and evaluate cooperation between agricultural holdings and scientific institutes. As a result of the changing nature of competition, new approaches based on innovation must be implemented.
Keywords: Business model, agricultural holdings, scientific institutes
Date published: 2022-06-15
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