Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science
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New data of Bulgarian parasitoid entomofauna and contributions to host-parasitoid interactions
Dr. Nyonka Velcheva, Zhenya Ilieva, Atanas Atanassov
Abstract: Fifteen parasitoid species of order Hymenoptera were collected in eight habitats in Bulgaria. Six species belong to family Ichneumonidae, respectively 5 – to Braconidae, 2 – to Eulophidae and 1 respectively to Perilampidae and Pteromalidae. Microplitis naenia and Phthorima compressa are new species for Bulgarian fauna. Four new primary host-parasitoid trophic interactions were established and eight plant associates are new for the parasitoids Teliutaea striata – Rubus idaeus.
Keywords: Braconidae; Eulophidae; Ichneumonidae; parasioid; Perilampidae; trophic interaction
Date published: 2017-09-08
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