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Innovative solution elevator technology for lifting the chambers where fruits and vegetables are cultivated and stored, implemented in a project Toronto
Yanko Aleksandrov
Abstract: Chambers with a suitable microclimate, which consist of one or two spaces, are situated on two or three floors on the plates of a bridging construction, made of plates and beam walls. The chambers together with the bridging construction are placed on a shuttering platform, made as a space frame construction. With the help of 12 elevators (6 situated over the platform and 6 situated under the platform), which are situated in all of the four kernels, the shuttering platform together with the bridging construction are being elevated to the respective floor level, where the fruits and vegetables will be cultivated and stored. The bridging construction is connected to the floors and the chambers with the help of wall piers, protruding from the kernels. The mounting is done in the bottom-up direction. Greenhouses situated inside chambers, made entirely of transparent elements, can be situated on the uppermost floor of the skyscraper. The elevator technology used to elevate the chambers for storage and cultivation of fruits and vegetables has been implemented in the design of skyscraper, designed for a competition (sky velodrome – Toronto. Project № 1000001495). The patents used in the design of the project represent an integral part of the dissertation work of the author. The elevation technology is patented as “Structure of a high-rise building and method for its construction” – Patent № 111997 of 29.04.2015
Keywords: chambers; elevation technology; fruits and vegetables; new solution; patent; skyscrapers; Toronto
Date published: 2022-04-14
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